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“Hydromaxx is dedicated to the reduction of greenhouse gasses through Carbon Zero and Eco-Friendly HVAC solutions. Saving our planet one system at a time.”
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As Global Warming continues to increase manufacturers, home, builders, and the public are looking for heating and cooling alternatives that are inline and or complement global emission targets. While electrification and alternative energy solutions have been around now for some time they struggle to keep up with demand and many instances are not able to supply a steady source of power, additionally, there are many economic and environmental hurdles to overcome in infrastructure upgrades and source generation to meet the demand for electricity for the foreseeable future.

Traditional heating systems are either to expensive to operate as in the case of electric baseboard or as in the case of standard forced air can be inefficient resulting in increased natural gas consumption and hence carbon emissions.

Hydromaxx Patent Pending medium velocity Hydronic Air Handlers, Ducting and Hybrid Hydronic/Heat Pump combination systems are engineered to provide high efficiencies for heating and cooling while minimizing carbon emissions. Additionally, by utilizing Rinnai tankless water heaters as our Hydronic heat source not only can we provide for space heating but also all the domestic hot water requirements.


Our Promise

  • Energy Savings
  • Comfort
  • Ozone Friendly
  • Quiet Operation

Energy Savings

Energy Savings is one of the most important factors to consider when buying any equipment. In the long run, the benefit outweighs the initial cost.  Hydromaxx Inverter Technology uses less energy compared to the traditional systems. ON/OFF type compressors have large starting current, sometimes 6 times more than the running current hence the energy consumed is greater. Typically, there is a 20% to 30% savings in power consumption with Hydromaxx Heat Pumps.

When packaging Hydromaxx Air Handlers, Hydromaxx Inverter Heat Pumps & Rinnai tankless hot water heaters with Hydromaxx Wi-Fi thermostats our patent pending combination provides another level of savings, efficiencies and GHG reductions most fossil fuel systems have been unable to achieve. Our Wi-Fi thermostat constantly monitors heat pump run and cycle times, the built-in balance point algorithm in our thermostat seamlessly switch’s from heat pump heating to air handler hydronic heating to maximise heat pump efficiencies when the COP is reduced during colder months, while reducing GHGs when space heating is provided 100% by our heat pump in the shoulder seasons.

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Comfort to the users is another advantage of our system. During start-up, the compressor can run full speed to provide quick cooling to the room. After the desired room temperature has been achieved, the speed of the compressor is regulated using the variable frequency drive based on the required cooling load of the room. This provides a comfortable environment for the occupants at all times.

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Ozone Friendly

Ozone Friendly refrigerant such as R410a is used in most inverter system. This refrigerant contains only HFC compared to R22 which contains HCFC, an additional chlorine component that destroys the ozone layer of the earth.

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Quiet Operation

Quiet Operation is another feature that inverter technology offers. The outdoor unit which contains the inverter compressor is much quieter compared to the non-inverter compressor.

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